Oasis small black closeup Photo Chris Tonnesen

Oasis flowerpot small

Design by Ann Kristin Einarsen

Oasis flowerpot small

Design by Ann Kristin Einarsen




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Each of these self-watering terracotta planters is comprised of interlocking containers, giving them a stable base and an integrated water reservoir. The bases are coloured in green, white, dark brown or terracotta and paired with upper containers that retain the natural or brown pigmented terracotta colour. Available in three sizes, the Oasis planters can contain a variety of plants, shrubs, or even small trees.

The water reservoir fills from the side, through an opening large enough to be refilled by a waterspout or hose nozzle. The self-watering function is activated when the upper containers absorb water from the bases below them. The containers’ unglazed form siphons water directly into the soil they hold, while the bases are glazed to prevent any leakage. The series can create a container garden in an urban setting, or add potted plants to the interior.

Terracotta is a natural and living material, and the unglazed surface might change colour tone over time. White lines may also appear due to salt leaving the clay.

Plant pot series
Materials top part: Unglazed terracotta
Materials bottom part: Glazed or unglazed terracotta (dark brown/dark brown and terracotta/terracotta versions only)
Colours top part: Natural terracotta or brown terracotta (black/brown and dark brown/dark brown versions only)
Colours bottom part: Green, white, dark brown, black, natural terracotta or dark brown terracotta
Dimensions: H: 13 cm D: 15 cm
Net weight: 1.1 kg

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