Shelter front

Shelter work desk

Design by Yonoh

Shelter work desk

Design by Yonoh




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Just as a shelter in a storm creates a safe haven, this streamlined desk and console provide a stronghold for essentials and artefacts. The design is refreshingly simple, with virtually no excess features.

The tabletop is bordered by perforated steel, forming a lightweight screen that wraps around the front and sides. The surface itself is crafted from a smoked oak veneer top supported between legs made in steel.

A lighter, oiled oak veneer is also available. The screen provides a compelling backdrop for contemporary artefacts, forming a focal point that lends itself to arrangements of ornaments and objects. Shelter’s versatility and simplicity make it a great fit for any type of environment.

Material table top: Oak veneer
Colour table top: Smoked oak finish
Material body and legs: Steel
Material back screen: Perforated steel
Colour body, legs and back screen: Black (Ral 9005)
Dimensions: L: 125 cm W: 62 cm H: 97 TH: 75 cm
Net weight: 33.5 kg

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