Trace light on table- Photo Chris Tonnesen

Trace flashlight

Design by Gridy

Trace flashlight

Design by Gridy




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A flashlight can be a lifesaver when darkness falls, or when a power failure cuts out the lights. Sometimes a flashlight is needed for probing dark corners, shining a bright beam into places that never see the light of day. Trace is essential for those who have a sense of adventure, ready to scout out dark spaces on their own, or take a midnight stroll to discover what the night will bring.

Wherever you go, Trace is ready to follow, providing a portable, rechargeable, light source for indoor and outdoor use.

The light unit is positioned vertically on the handle, making it easy to direct the beam or sweep it over the surroundings. Designed with three different light intensities, the brightness of the LED beam can be adjusted at the click of a button. Like a fearless friend, Trace stands ready to explore the dark, or just shed light on the surroundings.

Trace includes a powerful battery which also works as a powerbank with USB charging.

Flashlight (with power bank)
Material: Anodized aluminium and glass
Colour: Black
Light source: CREE LED 3 W, 4400 K. Step dimmable.
Battery: USB rechargeable (Lithium Ion)
Battery duration: 4 - 15 hours
Charging time: 5 hours (fully charged)
Net weight: 0.35 kg (incl. battery)
CE / IP44

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